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Reckless Love

We are imperfect, broken people. When we rest in God’s love, and remember to love those around us in return, who can stop us?

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Making Friends at a New Church!

Hey there! Moving to a new church can be daunting. Maybe you just moved to a new city and know nobody. Maybe you felt called to move to a new ministry.  Either way, knowing nobody and walking into that church can be frightening. I had a similar situation recently. I wasn’t necessarily new to this… Continue reading Making Friends at a New Church!

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“So He Took Them Off” SHV Youth Talk 05.24.2017

Do you ever go back and look at old pictures of yourself and say, “What the heck was I thinking?” I changed these styles, and my attitudes, in order to seem cool. In high school I bounced between friend groups, trying to find a place where I fit in. This often meant trying to grow… Continue reading “So He Took Them Off” SHV Youth Talk 05.24.2017


Waiting on a Prayer

We tend to spend our lives waiting for things. Sometimes we are waiting for material things, the new iPhone, the next Star Wars film, or a new season of Game of Thrones. Sometimes we wait for more abstract things: an acceptance to university, a text from our crush, or the return of a loved one… Continue reading Waiting on a Prayer


20 Fun Christian Pick-Up Lines

Hey there! Dating as a follower of Christ can occasionally be hard! Therefore, here are a few ice breakers that should get you started on the right path with that certain special someone! (Please note I don’t actually believe that you should use these to try and pick someone up at church.) I’m not usually… Continue reading 20 Fun Christian Pick-Up Lines


Making Mistakes and Having Faith

Everybody makes mistakes. We all slip up sometimes. It is what we do following those mistakes that separate us from the rest of the pack. Following Him is not always an easy path, in fact, Luke 17:1 tells us “Jesus said to his disciples: ‘Things that cause people to stumble are bound to come…’”(NIV). We… Continue reading Making Mistakes and Having Faith


My Baptism!

Hey there! I talked a little about my baptism when discussing my testimony, but really I wanted to go through and talk a little more about what led me to wanting to do it, as well as what has happened in my life since then. I was baptized on February 19, 2017. I only made… Continue reading My Baptism!